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Article: OMF Cut: The Next Level of Gemstone Brilliance

OMF Cut: The Next Level of Gemstone Brilliance

OMF Cut: The Next Level of Gemstone Brilliance



OMF Cut: The Next Level of Gemstone Brilliance

The name may be strange but the look is like no other. OMF stands for Optically Magnified Faceting...sometimes this is called Millennium cutting and can go by other names.  It stands for a special cutting technique that in the end renders a completely different optical property.

First, some background.  Most gem faceting occurs on a flat disc-like apparatus that resembles a spinning LP record player.  This enables a cutter to complete a host of “flat” facets in various shapes, sizes, and angles that allows light to enter a gem and then redirect it resulting in an elevated level of brilliance (this means light return) and scintillation (this means sparkle which is in fact light reflecting off the surface).  This works fine and we use it all the time.  OMF however is different.

OMF cutting uses a rotating spindle (looks like a thin spinning needle).  When the gem rough is applied to this cutting needle the result is an “indented” curved facet that is long and linear.  This changes how light interacts with the stone and enhances it in certain ways.  The cutter can use various styles to create patterns within the stone that appear “lit from within”.  This can also be used on surface facets (on the table, the part that you see on top of the stone).  When combined together this style of cutting literally magnifies light and you see long lines of brightness that do not seem to disappear when you tilt the gem.

This happens due to two important things.  The light is concentrated along the apex of the stone (think of a sheet of aluminum foil, if you bend it to make a bubble the light on top of the curve appears brighter). Also, the actual surface area of the gem is technically increased because inward curved facets have a higher surface area; the more surface area the more area light has to reflect from.  Combine these two aspects and you now have a gem that appears brighter even in low-light evening conditions. Even dark London Blue Topaz looks “lit” from within during a night on the town.

OMF cutting is typically more difficult to achieve and is only done by the most experienced cutters.  It can be offered in a host of shapes and sizes and works with any transparent gem material.  The look has been described as very forward and modern.  It's tomorrow's cut today. 

Gems En Vogue promises the best quality OMF-Cut gemstone jewelry in North America and Australia. (Click here to view the collection)

OMF cut is a cutting-edge technique that can transform any gemstone into a stunning masterpiece. If you are looking for something different and dazzling to add to your jewelry collection, you should definitely consider OMF cut jewelry. You will not regret it!

Not just OMF Cut, at Gems En Vogue you will find a variety of gemstones in different cuts - princess cut, marquise, square round, trillion, etc. 

Feel free to reach out to us for requests and customization of your jewelry. 

Call us at Call:1-800-268-7962 or Email us at

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